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David J. Kolander

"...I will strongly recommend it to my friends and my counterparts at 3M as an excellent incentive for our sales reps. and distributors."

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Small Group Incentives
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Black & Decker

John A. Butler

"Thank you for making me look good in front of our C.E.O. here at Black & Decker, plus all the other executives and guests."

The Coleman Company

Larry Howe

"...and with your help, made Coleman out a hero once again."

OMC Lincoln/Cushman-Ryan

A Division of Outboard Marine Corporation

Gary O. Sloan

"...sales are on the increase since we began the Fantasy Villa Vacation promotion two years ago."

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Deep Sea Fishing 7 Years In A Row For Cushman.
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Rheem Manufacturing Company

Air Conditioning Division

William C. Shadel

"For years I have wanted an incentive trip that is tops in service, location and treat each participant as an individual... I have found the ultimate trip with Fantasy Villa Vacations."