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Express Services - Fleming - American Airlines - Cushman - Mary Kay - Komatsu - Coleman - Black & Decker - Rheem Manufacturing

Express Services


American Airlines


Put yourself in this picture with Cushman Sales

Gary O. Sloan

"...sales are on the increase since we began the Fantasy Villa Vacation promotion two years ago."

Mary Kay

Here is what Mary Kay Representatives have said


"The staff at our Villa was absolutely wonderful. Our every need was immediately fulfilled. They made us feel like royalty, making our every wish their command."

"To sum up in a few words, to be served instead of serving, was truly a delight."

"The food was very good"



Larry Howe

"...and with your help, made Coleman out a hero once again."

Black & Decker

John A. Butler

"Thank you for making me look good in front of our C.E.O. here at Black & Decker, plus all the other executives and guests."

Rheem Manufacturing

William C. Shadel

"For years I have wanted an incentive trip that is tops in service, location and treat each participant as an individual... I have found the ultimate trip with Fantasy Villa Vacations."